Nabil Fahmy

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt

Ambassador Nabil Fahmy most recently served as Egypt's Foreign Minister from 2013 to 2014. Notwithstanding the turbulence of the Arab spring, he succeeded in recalibrating Egypt's foreign policy, solidly anchoring it regionally in Africa and the Arab world. He also rebalanced and expanded its relationship with Europe, Russia and Asia, while calling for a strategic dialogue with the United States. In 2009, Fahmy founded the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo.

As a career diplomat, he previously served as Ambassador to both the USA and Japan, as political advisor to Egypt's Foreign Minister, and in a number of international capacities. He has also been on numerous intergovernmental and corporate advisory boards. Fahmy is a globally recognized expert in conflict resolution, Middle East politics, governance and political reform, as well as disarmament.


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