How can you support The Institute for 21st Century Questions (21CQ)?

Please consider a secure one-time gift or a multi-year pledge. We would welcome either.

What does The Institute for 21st Century Questions do?

21CQ is an ambitious new-century vision and strategy tank (not-for-profit) that, in association with Global Brief magazine, aims to analyze and help provide real-life solutions to – and participate in solution-making for – some of the major geopolitical, political and social questions of this new century. These questions range from the Worldwide Commission to Educate All Kids (Post-Pandemic) to International Criminal Justice, the former Soviet Space, the creation of a Middle East Security Framework, the future of the Arctic, Asian Security, Cyber-security, and, among many others, the future of the Aboriginal Question and the Quebec Question in Canada.

How does your donation help?

21CQ navigates the entire value chain of activities from the ‘thinking’ to the ‘doing’ on all of its target Questions via major thematic conferences in cities around the globe; multilingual publications, including the award-winning Global Brief magazine, but also books, online blogs and cutting-edge expert exchanges and debates; standing and tailored briefings and lectures; and, most importantly, Track 1/Track 1.5/Track 2 negotiations that it leads around the world, in the public and private sectors.

Your donation will support all of these key activities. Please note that you also have the option of having your donation targeted at a smaller set of these activities – that is, in support of specific 21CQ Questions and themes.

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