March 3rd Youth Education & Job Fair
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Did you struggle with virtual school and lockdowns? Are you out of school, not working, and unsure of your future?

If you’re aged 15-25 and living in Ontario, we can help!

What we do

Get you back on track with your education!
Help you land a great job!

How we do it



We pair you with a mentor who will connect, listen, understand and empower you to reach your full potential.



We connect you with relevant and effective programs to level-up your skills and prepare you to take on new challenges.



We help you navigate credits, prerequisites and enrollment requirements for high school and post-secondary institutions.



We use our large professional network to help you find an appropriate career-oriented first job or internship.

We can help get you back on track with your education
and/or help you land a great job!


Meet some of our youth:

“Project Youth Energy gave me hope that I could actually accomplish my dream.”
Keaton- 17, Burlington
“Project Youth Energy is helping me connect with people on the career path I want.”
Naomi- 23, Toronto
“Every time I meet with my mentor, I feel more empowered. It creates energy inside me.”
Kyle- 21, Guelph

Can you help Youth find their passion and purpose again?
We want to hear from you!

Trainers & Educators
Business Partners / Employers

Who we are

We are a network of professionals (and often parents too) who understand the challenges faced by young people today and have the knowledge and connections to get them back to school or into the workforce. Meet some of the team:

Elizabeth Galvin
Executive Director

On her hopes for Project Youth Energy...

"After schools were locked down for such a long time, so much energy was drained from everyday life. We are working to bring that energy back to young people - the excitement of learning and looking ahead with hope, and ultimately to get back on track towards a successful future."

Why Project Youth Energy

Project Youth Energy was created in early 2023 in response to the destabilizing effects of the pandemic on the education of thousands of Ontario students. We run a free, bespoke service tailored to your unique situation, goals and needs. Our professional network is vast and deep and our experienced mentors know how to connect with you and empower you to achieve. We all want to see you succeed!

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