Canada at 100 Million

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Building on the arguments made in the classical 2010 Global Brief article, “Canada – Population 100 Million,” which made national and international headlines, 21CQ has led the argument in favour of a “term-setting” Canada that, by the year 2100, is far larger (in fact and mind), more energetic, more ambitious, more powerful, and better prepared to survive and succeed in the context of a far more complex strategic environment – starting at its several borders. By the year 2100, this Canada will:


1. have a population of approximately 100 million people (spread across its territory, with a far larger Northern population to reckon with the Arctic opening).

  • 21CQ’s work on 100 million is not primarily an “immigration” vision. It is a vision about appropriate and necessary national scale and impact, domestically and internationally.

2. be among the five most important countries in the world, and the second most important country in the West (after the US, but more important than any of the EU states).

3. have, in all sectors of national society, from business to the arts, sports, science, the academy, politics and geopolitics, a “term-setting” (hockey-like) mentality.


21CQ makes its arguments for a Canada of 100 Million through conferences, publications, public interventions and, among many other vehicles and platforms. Our work on this subject has also inspired the creation of other organizations and groups dedicated specifically to this vision of a larger, term-setting Canada, as well as several books and scores of articles nationally and internationally.

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