The Institute for 21st Century Questions (21CQ), founded in 2014, is a vision and strategy tank that, in association with Global Brief magazine, aims to analyze and help provide real-life solutions to – and participate in solution-making for – some of the major geopolitical, political and social questions of this new century. These questions include:

The target audience for 21CQ is global. Headquartered in Toronto and partnering, in a variety of languages, with leading public/government, private and social enterprise organizations and formations around the world, 21CQ seeks to navigate the entire value chain of activities from the ‘thinking’ to the ‘doing’ on all of its target Questions via:

  1. Thematic conferences in cities across the globe
  2. Publications, including Global Brief magazine, but also books, articles, blogs and cutting-edge expert exchanges and debates
  3. Standing and tailored briefings and lectures
  4. Track 1, Track 1.5, and Track 2 negotiations and initiatives, in the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally
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