Mainstreaming Science and Science Policy

21CQ is interested in mainstreaming high science literacy among the professional and policy-political classes, and also in increasing the incorporation of science and scientific expertise into policy-making more broadly.

To this end, 21CQ will be working with institutional partners in the science and technology in support of the following objectives:

  1. providing basic science training in core scientific disciplines to professionals with little to no science background.

  2. training policy and political professionals to appreciate, understand and incorporate scientific research, insights and methods into their decision-making in respect of a wide range of policy issues.

  3. advancing research and arguments rooted in science to advance the resolution of major global problems.

21CQ will be making its arguments and interventions in support of its goals through conferences, briefings, publications, private and public interventions, classroom teaching, as well as Track 1, Track 1.5 and Track 2 initiatives around the world.

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