First-Ever “Walk for Canada’s Youth” – Saturday, June 19 | La toute première «Marche pour la jeunesse canadienne» – Samedi, le 19 juin

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Irvin Studin


3 years ago

Calling ALL of Canada’s young athletes (ages 4-25), students, teams, clubs, musicians, writers, artists and poets – in all regions of the country!

We start at 11AM in your part of the country, wherever you are.

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Wear your team/club/school colours!

Bring your soccer ball/basketball/hockey stick/baseball glove/musical instrument!

Walk – in your colours & uniforms – to your local park, soccer field, arena, basketball court or a local or major intersection with teammates, clubmates, friends, family & classmates.

The children, youth and young people of Canada have, by far, been the most neglected part of our country’s population over the last year and a half of pandemic emergency.

They have suffered through compromised schooling to no schooling at all, limited to no extracurricular activities, limited to no sports (and especially no team sports), limited to no music, restrictions on socializing, play and, in the end, on dreaming, planning and preparing their futures.

No longer!

Canada is still the best place in the world to be a child and young person. Let’s show everyone that it is exactly so. And that the young are the future of Canada.









See you on the June 19th!


*Observe restrictions when walking, wherever relevant in your part of the country.


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