Worldwide Commission Open Launch Conference on Educating All Kids (Post-Pandemic)

Date: Friday, Feb.26 2021


To address the catastrophe of millions of children around the world ousted from all forms of schooling (physical and virtual alike) during the COVID-19 pandemic



FEBRUARY 26, 2021

From the Institute for 21st Century Questions (21CQ) 


9am – 9.10am EST  

Introduction & Welcome – The Genesis, Mission, Membership & Forward Working Plan of the Commission to Educate All Kids (Post-Pandemic)

Irvin Studin – President, Institute for 21st Century Questions; Chair, Worldwide Commission to Educate All Kids, Post-Pandemic


9.10am – 10.30am

The Genesis, Nature, Extent and Consequences of the Problem

Kirby Mitchell – High School Teacher, Peel Region (Canada)

Tara de Mel, former Secretary, Ministry of Education & Vice Chairperson, National Education Commission; Co-Founder, Education Forum Sri Lanka (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Robert Pianta, Dean, School of Education and Development, University of Virginia (Charlottesville, USA)

Silvina Gvirtz, former Minister of Education, Buenos Aires Province (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Manzoor Hasan, Executive Director, Centre for Peace and Justice, BRAC University (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Sam Freedman, CEO, Education Partnerships Group (London, UK)


10.30am – 11.00am

Open Follow-Up Discussion with Decision-Makers


11.05am – 12.20pm

How to Find & Reintegrate the Kids into Schooling with Speed

Vimala Ramachandran, Director, Educational Resource Unit (Jaipur and Delhi, India)

Donna E. Young – Founding Dean, Ryerson Law School (Toronto, Canada)

Charles Ungerleider – Former Deputy Minister of Education, British Columbia (Canada)

Monica Mincu, Associate Professor of Education, Università degli Studi di Torino & Member, Education/Learning & Innovation UNESCO Team (Turin, Italy)

Nils Mevenkamp, Professor of Statistics & Empirical Social Research, MCI Management Center Innsbruck (Innsbruck, Austria)

Canute Fagan, Dean of Discipline, Calabar High School (Kingston, Jamaica)

Hilary Darilek, Chief Executive Officer, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School (Washington, DC, USA)

Andrew Ratcliffe, Executive Director, Impact on Urban Health, and Past Managing Director, Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative (London, UK)

Ines Kudo, Founder & CEO, Tinkuy Marka Academy (Lima, Peru)

Elisa Bonilla-Rius, Partner, BO TH Praxis Estrategica (Mexico City, Mexico)

Haykuhi Hayrapetyan, Project Leader, “Regeneration” (Yerevan, Armenia)

Gaskin B. Dassah, Coordinator, Northern Network for Education Development (Tamale, Ghana)

Costanza Liliana Alarcon Parraga, Deputy Minister of Education of Colombia (Bogota, Colombia)


12.20pm – 1pm

Open Follow-Up Discussion with Decision-Makers


1pm – 1.10pm

Closing Remarks & Commission Forward Work Plan for First Half of 2021 

Irvin Studin


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